John Dykstra (b. 1991, Michigan) is best known for his surrealist portrait photography, created on stages built in his home. Inspired by the subjective and malleable nature of the human perspective, his work alludes to the illusions we experience through our individually developed perspectives.

Dykstra's practice depends upon practical effects in order to speak upon our perception of reality. He avoids heavy post-processing techniques, manifesting his hallucinatory world through physical materials and carefully constructed scenes. Dykstra asserts that the photograph itself is an illusion of visual truth, demonstrating the differences between reality and photography in his straight, "out-of-the-camera" photographs of illusory visions.

Dykstra cites his long held interest in drawing, painting, and set design as inspiration for incorporating his love for all media into his work. Using the two-dimensional nature of photography to his advantage, Dykstra hides the tricks to his illusions within plain view. His work often keeps the curtain pulled back just so, always lingering somewhere between daylight and daydream. 

Artist Resume

2017 - Group Exhibit "In Transit" at the Ann Arbor Art Center.

2016 - Grant recipient from The Chow Collection based in Boston.

2016 - Double recipient of Honorable Mention for Professional Fine Art Photographer of the Year by Monochrome Awards.

2016 - Fourth Place and Published in Photographer's Forum Best of College Photography Issue

2016 - Graduated Washtenaw Community College with an A.A.S. in Photographic Technologies.

2016 - Interview in online publication The Phoblographer

2016 - Juried group show in the Original Ann Arbor Art Fair funded by the New Artists, New Art program.

2016 - Work published in Your Daily Photograph by Duncan Miller Gallery

2016 - Group Exhibit "Glimpse" at Galerie Camille

2015 - Work published in Your Daily Photograph by Duncan Miller Gallery

2015 - Group Exhibit "CrOp: Detroit" at the Harris Building in Grand Rapids, MI.

2015 - Group Exhibit "CrOp: Detroit" at the Fenton Community Center.

2014 - Recipient of Honorable Mention for Amateur Portrait Photographer of the Year by Monochrome Awards

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